2Detail, LLC
started with the goal of being the most detailed company in Houston.

The way we’re striving to achieve this is by exceeding our customers expectations! It doesn’t matter if that’s by mowing your yard, landscaping, maids, or even collecting payments! If it will make our customers lives better, we’re working on perfecting it.

Please take the time to review all of the services we offer. If you have any questions, please notify us and we'll follow up with you.

Maid Services

Our maid service is not like the competion, we’re the standard!

We only have one service which we call the standard. We don’t offer a traditional basic clean because it’s not what’s needed for your home.

Our customers home needs to be cleaned properly each and every time and that’s what we provide.

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the basic clean, and the 10 being a deep clean, the standard is a 7.

It’s every detail you need, but not a deep clean. Can we make your service a 10?

Absolutely! Just ask.


Full flake broadcast systems

Alloy Color 1/8” -

Base coat Hyperbond 100 % solids -

Top Coat Polyaspartic 87 % solids

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